Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date:  12/17/2019

Meeting Location:  Bert Harris Agricultural Center-Room 3
FINAL – Approved 01/21/2020
Recorded by:  Susie Bishop

In Attendance:
Scott Kirouac, HSWCD Supervisor – Board Chairman
John Causey, HSWCD Supervisor – Vice-Chairman
Doug Deen, HSWCD Supervisor – Secretary/Treasurer
Steve Smith, HSWCD Supervisor
Pam Fentress, HSWCD Supervisor
Jim Brooks, Highlands County Commission Liaison
Kayla Nickerson, HSWCD- BMP Technician
Wyatt Johnson, HSWCD –  BMP Technician
Jacob Miller, HSWCD – MIL Manager
Susie Bishop,  HSWCD – Executive Director
Carlos Torres, USDA-NRCS District Conversationalist
Laurie Hurner– Highlands Co. Extension  Director/Agent
Chad Allison –  CRFPC – Project Manager
Michael Zarzano – United Counties of America – Citizen
Cynthia Compton – United Counties of America – Citizen 

Meeting Scheduled Start: 12:00 P.m.   Call to Order: @ 12:41 P.M.     Public Meeting Announcement Read by Chairman

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Approval of Agenda
Chairman Kirouac presented agenda, asking for a change.  Request was to move Item IX up in the agenda following after  Item III. A. Motion to approve agenda with requested change (Fentress/Causey) Unanimous approval.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2019
Motion to approve minutes as presented. (Fentress/Causey).  Unanimous approval.

IV. Citizens Not on the Agenda
Zarzano and C. Compton introduced themselves as citizens from Charlotte County representing United Counties of America. Zarzano presented concerns about contamination of water by mining company Mosiac. Discussion took place regarding his concerns and request for HSWCD to draft a resolution regarding this topic. Board took no action.

V. Financial Activity
Overview & Approval of Financial Reports – November 2019– Bishop reviewed the bank statements & financial reports for November.  Motion made to approve financial reports as presented (Fentress/Causey). Unanimous approval.  

VI. Agency Partner Updates
a. NRCS – C. Torres reported funding pools for Area 4 are set up with attention to cogan grass, brush mgt., weed control, Brazilian pepper and soda apple all listed as priorities in the program.
b. FDACS – Bishop reported the remaining open positions with OAWP.  An amendment for the Ag NPS Cost Share contract is expected soon.
c. MIL –  J. Miller gave an overview of the MIL work stating everything is on schedule.  with No issues.
d. Extension – Hurner answered questions regarding the upcoming Ag Tours.  Bishop will be presenting on the Natural Resources tour this week. Reported on the Ag Safety Workshop completed today and shared the Extension has now awarded 2 five year pins to staff – an accomplishment that hasn’t happened in many years.
e. HCBCC – Parkway is completed with new round abouts.  Only one phase left to  Complete.
f. CFRPC – Allison shared the RCPP application for easement acquisitions was submitted with local financial support from the Department of Defense and the US Fish & Wildlife Services.   

VII. Old Business
HSWCD Staffing – Bishop gave an update on positions filled and remaining vacant.  

VIII. New Business
a. Annual Report – Bishop presented the 2018-19 Annual Report. Motion to accept report as presented (Fentress/Causey). Unanimous approval.
b. Flexible Spending Account – Bishop reported her findings on this option to employees.  HSWCD missed the deadline for enrollment in 2019 but will be eligible to enroll in the 2020 enrollment period.
c. Board Meeting Schedule – Bishop presented the meeting calendar for 2020.  Motion to approve the schedule as presented (Causey/Smith).
d. Funding Requests – Kirouac presented two requests for sponsorships.  First request was for $ 500.00 to Highlands County Extension for costs of the Ag /Natural Resource Tour. Second request was for sponsorship of the Leadership Highlands Youth Career Day.  Motion made to contribute $ 500.00 to Highlands County Ag Extension and none to Career Day (Causey/Deen). Unanimous Approval.
e. Annual Evaluation – Kirouac reported Bishop earned an average score of 104 of 105 possible points.  Supervisors discussed options for compensation for Bishop based on performance. Motion made to issue a year end 5 % bonus (Fentress/Causey).  Unanimous approval. Discussion regarding a merit bonus for the Mil Manager was held. Motion made to issue a year end 5.26% bonus for job performance.  (Smith/Causey). Unanimous approval.

IX. Executive Director’s Report
a. Bishop asked the Board if they wanted to contribute $ 150.00 to the Ellis Putnal Fund at AFCD.  Consensus was yes.
b. Bishop shared the information about the NACD Annual Meeting being held in February at Las Vegas.  The registration deadline has been extended.
Bishop discussed with Board voice recording and minutes of BOS meeting. Concensus was for Bishop to confirm voice recordings are not required by law and cease this practice if not required.  And, for the future for the minutes to be condensed

X. Supervisor Comments
Fentress – Reported she followed up with the  owner of Weather STEM regarding a station for the private Christian School in Lake Placid.  All information has been shared with the school director – Tracee Smoak, who will contact Bishop if she decided to move forward and wants to request funds from HSWCD for the station.
Deen – None
Causey – None
Smith –  Inquired with Bishop regarding the future of Ag Venture leadership. No new information available to Bishop regarding this topic.
Kirouac – Reported in about 40 days approximately $ 82,000.00 has been raised. He is now working with RCMA in addition to the public schools to to assure needy children get a Christmas via Ag Angels. 

Meeting Adjourned  3:15 P.M.