Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date:  1/21/2020

Meeting Location:  Bert Harris Agricultural Center-Room 3
FINAL – Approved 2/18/2020
Recorded by:  Susie Bishop

In Attendance:
Scott Kirouac, HSWCD Supervisor – Board Chairman
John Causey, HSWCD Supervisor – Vice-Chairman
Steve Smith, HSWCD Supervisor
Pam Fentress, HSWCD Supervisor
Jim Brooks, Highlands County Commission Liaison
Susie Bishop,  HSWCD – Executive Director
Kayla Nickerson, HSWCD- BMP Technician
Wyatt Johnson, HSWCD –  BMP Technician
Jacob Miller, HSWCD – MIL Manager
Carlos Torres, USDA-NRCS District Conversationalist
Laurie Hurner– Highlands Co. Extension  Director/Agent
Chad Allison –  CRFPC – Project Manager
Taylor Davis – Highlands Co. Extension, Livestock/Nat. Res.Agent

Meeting Scheduled Start: 3:00 P.m. Call to Order: @ 3:03 P.M. Public Meeting Announcement Read by Chairman

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda as presented (Causey/Smith) Unanimous approval.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes – December 17, 2019
Motion to approve minutes as presented. (Fentress/Causey).  Unanimous approval.

IV. Financial Activity
Overview & Approval of Financial Reports – December 2019– Bishop reviewed the bank statements & financial reports for December.  Motion made to approve financial reports as presented (Causey/Smith). Unanimous approval.

V. Agency Partner Updates
a. NRCS – No Report
b. FDACS – No FDACS representative to report. K. Nickerson & S. Bishop explained the BMAPS are undergoing some changes and staff has been encouraged to review the drafts.  There are more staff changes in the Okeechobee FDACS office. W. Johnson reported he has approximately 38 active projects in progress, most of them citrus or cow/calf and a few waiting on quotes to be submitted.
c. MIL – Bishop reported the quarterly invoice packet has been submitted for Qtr. 2 and Miller is on target to meet his goals Quarter 3.
d. Extension – T. Davis presented a slide show of photographs from the Kissimmee River Natural Resource tour held in December, thanking the Board for their sponsorship.   Group discussed other options for future tours. Board asked Davis to coordinate a public forum with the Blue Green Algae/Red Tide expert from UF speaking the science of these occurrences. Also requested she include the County Lakes Manager, Dawn Ritter.  Davis and Bishop will work on this outreach meeting.
e. HCBCC – Brooks reported the proposed Resolution concerning Amendment 2 will be discussed at an evening public meeting in February.  He also reported Phase I of the IMWID project is completed and bids for Phase II are being submitted. The final phase of the parkway should start construction soon.
f. CFRPC –No Report

VI. Old Business
HSWCD Staffing – Bishop gave an update on positions filled and remaining vacant, including options for the PSWCD technician HSWCD employs.

VII. New Business
No new business

VIII. Executive Director’s Report
a. Bishop confirmed the Board meetings are not required to be recorded.  Board agreed to no longer record the meetings.
b. An Ag Watch update on the 2020 Legislative Session was distributed. Bishop reported she has completed 3 of the 6 meetings to present the HSWCD Annual Report to the County Commissioners and County Administrator.
c. Bishop reported she taught the Leadership Highlands Ag Day last week. 

IX. Supervisor Comments
Fentress – The 2020 AFCD Board Meeting schedule was received. Fentress will participate via telephone. September 9-11, 2020 are the dates for the AFCD Annual Meeting being held at Ft. Walton Beach.  Fentress shared an idea of payment of college courses could be a staff benefit the Board considers in the future.
Kirouac – Discussion about citizens not on the agenda took place. The consensus was for Bishop to add some language to the bottom of every agenda stating citizens not on the agenda will have 3 minutes to speak and the Board reserves the right to remove an unruly citizen from the meeting at any time. Kirouac asked Bishop to bring real time balances of the general fund bank account to next month’s meeting so the Board can discuss if investments need to be considered for the surplus.
Causey – None
Smith – None

Meeting Adjourned 4:18 P.M.